Melbourne Museum - Dinosaur Exhibit

On Thursday 14th July F1C and F1R students were invited to see a Dinosaur Exhibit held by the Melbourne Museum at the Osbornes Flat Hall.

We were very lucky to be invited along by Osbornes Flat Primary School!
Students were presented with lots of things to inspect, wonder and think about during the exhibit. One of the main pieces of the collection that were presented to students were parts of a Triceratops fossil. We learnt how this particular fossil had been found on a very big property in Montana, USA. It took 3 years for the fossil to be removed from the property, and then sent to the Melbourne Museum. We were able to see photographs of the exhibit that is now present at the Melbourne Museum.
Students were then able to look through a collection that could be interacted with. Both schools were also presented with new picture books “The day at Triceratops turned up”, written by Mica Felix and illustrated by Allira Tee. A very exciting morning it was! 
Robyn & Carly