Dry Creek Bed Project - Tamara May Murray

As part of the school’s Dry Creek Bed Project, School Council, on behalf of the whole school community, have commissioned aboriginal artist Tamara May Murray to paint a feature for the playground. She has listened to stories from our students about their connection to Yackandandah for inspiration.

Tamara has also painted a piece of art for the school foyer. This piece is called “Make ya own tracks” and will be installed in the foyer, along with an Acknoweldgement of Country. 

Make ya own tracks

Tamara May Murray was born and raised in the small town of Coomealla on the Namatjira Mission. Tamara is a proud member of the Barkindtji tribe (Coomealla, Lake Victoria and the Mungo) and the Yorta Yorta and Dhudaroah tribes (Shepparton).

“I wasn’t introduced to art, art found me.

In every object I would pick up, or any type of material I would hold,
I would find a way to turn it into something creative.

I feel art is a part of me.”

Tamara first started painting when she was three years old and it was evident to family that she had a natural gift. Through her gift she has an opportunity to share culture, to educate, to pass on stories – to ensure the oldest culture on this earth is not forgotten.

“I want my art to help break down barriers
between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

I hope I can help educate and contribute to a more
peaceful world where our children can all walk as one,
hand in hand, no matter their skin colour or cultural identity.”