STEM - Young Engineers Program

On 28th-29th April students particiapted in a STEM incursion from Young Engineeers. The activity centred around the students using a wide range of technic Lego and other technology and computer based equipment. 

Young Engineers

"BEEP, BOP, BUILD! Those were some of the things happening when we built dancing robots with, Shwetta, from Young Engineers."

Firstly, we learnt quite a lot about engineering and what engineers do. Did you know, engineers don’t always construct things, sometimes, they can design plans and blue prints?

Next, we got an opportunity to pick a partner that we could work with. We got given a tray of Lego and a tablet which had step by step instructions on how to build the robot. It was quite exciting to be building Lego at school (let’s be honest, it not something we would normally do). Although it fun, we found it was a bit tricky and fiddly to pick up those tiny pieces and put them together.

Once our robots were connected to the motor and standing up, Shwetta taught us how to instruct our robots to dance using a coding system.

It was incredibly fascinating to watch our robots sway from side to side. Even though it was challenging at times, we felt proud of our achievement.

There was a buzz in the playground on that day, with all the kids talking about what they had made. F/1 made washing machines, 1/2 made conveyor belts, 3/4 made dancing robots and 5/6 made twirling carousels.

By Phia Smith-Deans & Grace Westbrook