Newsletter 30.05.2022

Issue 16

Dates to Remember

Tuesday 31st May                                 Yr. 3/4 Flora Session 12-2pm
Friday 3rd June                                       Division Cross Country
Monday 13th June                               Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 14th June                               Pupil Free Day
Friday 17th June                                    Regional Cross Country
Thursday 23rd June                              Yr. 3/4 Planting Day at Yack Creek
Friday 24th June                                    Yr. 1/2 The Lion King Excursion at Albury Entertainment Centre
Friday 24th June                                   Last Day Term 2
Monday 11th July                                First day Term 3
Friday 15th July                                     Winter Sports Carnival (Years 3-6)
Tues 9th Aug – Wed 10th Aug             Year 5/6 Sovereign Hill Camp
Wed10th August-Fri 12th August       Year 3/4 Melbourne Camp
Thursday 25th August                         School Athletics Carnival
Monday 29th Aug-Friday 2nd Sept    Wodonga Arts Festival
Monday 29th Aug – Friday 9th Sept  School Swimming Program
Wednesday 7th September               District Athletics
Monday 12th September                   Lucas Proudfoot Circular Rhythm Performance
Friday 16th September                       Last Day Term 3
Monday 3rd October                          First day Term 4
Friday 7th October                              Division Athletics
Friday 14th October                             Regional Athletics
Tuesday 1st November                       Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Friday 18th November                        Kanga 8’s
Monday Nov 21st                                School Swimming Program
Friday 25th November                        Kanga 6’s Cricket Carnival (Years 3 – 6)
Tuesday 20th December                     Last Day Term 4

From the Principal

It looks like a wet week coming up. While we usually schedule assemblies for 3:10 on Friday afternoon, wet weather can make it too uncomfortable for outdoor assemblies. On those occasions assemblies are cancelled. On those occasions classes may present their achievement awards in their own classrooms or may carry them over until next week.

With the colder weather arriving we are seeing more jumpers turning up in lost property. Jumpers that are clearly labelled with your child’s name are much easier to reunite with owners – please take the time to check that your child’s jumper (and other items) are labelled.

Sandra returns from long service leave on Tuesday. We are looking forward to having Sandra in the office. A huge thank you to Alyce Pritchard for keeping us operating while Sandra was away.

Michael Edwards


From the Office

Scholastic Book Club
Brochure’s for Issue 4 of Scholastic Book Club went home last week. Orders need to be ordered through the Book Club Loop for Parents by Monday 8th June. 

National Reconciliation Week
National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is celebrated across Australia each year between 27 May and 3 June.
The dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey-the anniversaries of the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. The following website is a good resource for information about NRW

Assembly Helpers

Elijah Willis & Patrick Murray

Achievement Awards

Emily Sheppard for including great research and engaging the sense in her Lion’s Club speech
Kye Howarth for always being a kind, considerate and helpful member of the school community
Oscar Bulman for successfully reading the red M100W this week. Well done, Oscar!
Jed Walker for always embracing new challenges in maths with a positive attitude.
Ruby O’Dwyer for working hard to achieve her goals and HITTING THEM. Well done, Ruby!
Violet MacCalman for her hard work and dedication in all areas of her learning
Ed Boddenberg for having a positive mindset towards his learning, especially in maths
Lucy Matheson-Jones for being a terrific, independent leaner and demonstrating high achievement in maths
Joni Mahew for super reading improvement and enthusiasm to achieve your personal reading goals
Audrey Wyatt for consistent enthusiasm and epic efforts in Sport
Florian Whitley great listening skills during partner feedback sessions
Will Black demonstrating clear thinking during maths challenges
Eleanor Glanville showing persistence to uplevel her speech draft
Olive MacCalman for going that extra mile in her learning; whether it be organising her work in a structured way or editing to make it EVEN BETTER! Way to go, Olive!
Ted Atwood for taking on feedback to improve his Lions Club Speech. Terrific work, Ted!

Art News

On Monday May, approx. 113 students from 3/4/5/6, eight staff and three parent helpers travelled to Shepparton to visit the new Shepparton Art Museum, known as SAM. It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to experience a state-of-the-art public space embedded with art!

It was a very busy visit from start to finish, but the students made the most of every opportunity, engaging and interacting fully with SAM staff even during the last session of the day when you’d expect the students to tire.

Students were able to view multiple exhibitions, public art, wall art, window installations and even an exhibition being de-installed. Many took the opportunity to undertake some retail therapy at the end of the day. The SAM shop made budget on sales of soap and postcards that day!! Fortunately for us, the weather was spectacular, and we made the most of our time outside in the amphitheatre, the sloping grass terrace, and the walkway over Lake Victoria.

As always, the students did us proud- demonstrating the school values and receiving glowing praise from the Education Coordinator for the impressive way the students conducted themselves in the galleries, and their respect for the artwork on display. I’d particularly like to mention Hudson Street, Alfie Bayne and Mietta Nocentini, who really impressed YPS staff with their interest, questions, and engagement during discussions about artwork featured in the exhibitions.

A massive thank you to Angie, Earle, Lauren, Brendan and Caz for your support, the early start, and the long day! And to our parent helpers Sinead Mahoney, Ben Stagg and Michelle Croker- we couldn’t have done it without you! And especially Kelli Bedggood and Ron Nocentini for jumping in as extra staff at the 11th hour to save our excursion from cancellation!

Sarah McAlister

Hot Lunch News

This Friday hot lunch is Butter Chicken & Rice.
Many thanks, as always, to our helpers each week.

Jane Murphy – Hot lunch Co-Ordinator
0416 051 473


This week in OSHC, the children and educators have been focusing on different ways we can use our recycled art supplies. This meant new learning opportunities to learn what is recyclable and what is not. During this time the children were very curious on how they could use these supplies. They got together one rainy afternoon and painted with these supplies. The children have made some beautiful art work which is displayed in our art area for all to see and share.
The children have also had a chance to have their say within our menu. One child suggested dried fruit, so for the coming weeks educators will be selecting different dried fruit to try each week. They have also expressed their love for the cheese on the fruit platters. It is wonderful to see the children eating this up and then composting the rest.

Thanks, OSHC Team

Community Notices

Calling all basketballers!!
We are looking for new players to join our social basketball night at the Yack Stadium, at the Sporks Park Precinct. Male and female players and all skill levels welcome! We currently have players from teens to the, erm, not-so-young (but young at heart) coming together every Tuesday night 7:30-8:30pm for a fun, friendly game of b’ball.
First time is free! For regulars, it's $5-$8, depending on numbers.
Contact: Alex 0412945229 or join the open Facebook page Indigo Social Sports and look for the ‘Tuesday night basketball events’.