Newsletter 21.11.2022

Issue 37

Dates to Remember

Wednesday 23rd November - Foundation Transition Day 9.15am-1pm
Friday 25th November - Hot Lunch
Friday 25th November - School Concert 12 noon & 6pm
Thursday 1st December - School Disco 6-7pm Years F-2
Thursday 1st December - School Disco 7.15-8.15pm Years 3-6
Friday 2nd December - Hot Lunch
Saturday 3rd December - Christmas Singalong
Sunday 4th December - YPS Instrumental Student Concert
Friday 9th December - Hot Lunch

Tuesday 13th December - Statewide Transition Day 9am-3.30pm
Wednesday 14th December - Year F/1 Pool Party 10am - 12noon
Wednesday 14th December - Year 1/2 Pool Party 12-2pm
Thursday 15th December - Year 3/4 Pool Party 12-2pm
Thursday 15th December - Year 6 Graduation 6pm
Friday 16th December - Hot Lunch
Friday 16th December - Year 5/6 Pool Party 12-2pm

Friday 16th December - Last Day of School for Students 3.30pm Finish

Monday 19th December - Pupil Free Day – OSHC will be operating
Tuesday 20th December - Pupil Free Day – OSHC will be operating

Monday 16th-Wednesday18th January-Vacation Care Operating
Monday 23rd-Wednesday 25th January-Vacation Care Operating
Monday 30th January - First day of school for students

From the Principal

Next year Jenny will be back to continue with her piano lessons. She is taking a year off from classroom music, however, to have a little more time with her family, her garden, and to clock up a few more miles in her van with her husband with her extended weekends. David Pietsch will ably take over Thursday and Friday classroom music lessons in 2023. David is an experienced music teacher and an accomplished musician. We welcome him to Yackandandah Primary School.

Congratulations to the Yr.5/6 stall holders at the Sunday Lions Club Market. Despite some unfavourable weather the $20 bosses made some strong sales. Well done everyone.

The school concert is on this Friday. There will be a matinee/dress rehearsal performance at 12pm and an evening performance at 6pm. Please let Sandra know which performance you will be attending and how many will be attending by emailing her at

Schools are no longer required to send out updates for covid cases in the school. Please note, however, that cases have been recently detected among the school community. News reports indicate an increase in cases throughout the wider community so please be aware of potential symptoms and do not send your child to school if symptomatic. As many Rapid Antigen Tests as you could possibly want are available at school.

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Student absences
Students who have had unexplained absences have today taken home an absentee letter.  Please write down the reason for the absence, sign the form and return it to the office.  Thank you.

Enjoy your week

Assembly Helpers

Flynn Graham & Kaidence Jones

Achievement Awards

Kaia Allan for improving the flow of her writing by using more connectives in her cold write this week.
Kinu Edwardes for great attempts with spelling difficult words in her cold write this week.
Jim MacCalman for being able to discuss what he is reading in an interesting and informative way.
Cooper Wall for your enthusiasm and effort when making onomatopoeia word art.
Mia Bebbington for always using your time constructively to improve maths strategies in our fluency sessions.
Jake Blair for completing some very creative and original onomatopoeia art works.
Jim Kelley for making solid gains in his reading this year. Good on you, Jim!
Hunter Wall for making clever connections in Maths and showing a great understanding of fractions and decimals. Hooray for Hunter!
Nicholas Shepherd for displaying great team work and increased resilience during our STEM sessions.
Zoe Blair demonstrating exceptional organisational skills.
Alfie Bayne working hard to improve word attack skills.
Sierra Allan for making positive contributions during our decimal maths lessons.
Abbie Williamson for responding to feedback to achieve personal learning goals.
Angus Glanville for outstanding problem solving skills when calculating elapsed time.
Shaynia Clausen for her fantastic poetry recital full of expression, movement, gesture and varied pace!

Hot Lunch News

Burritos this week, another favourite!! Freshly made mince or veg mixture, with lettuce, natural yogurt and cheese, rolled up into a freshly baked flatbread.. YUM!

We are still looking for help for Fri 2nd Dec, the only hot lunch day left to fill! Please help us out.

Jane Murphy
YPS Hot Lunch Coordinator
0416 051 473


Music News

School Concert -  Yack Town Hall -Friday 25th November 6pm
Just a reminder that the School Concert is THIS FRIDAY, 25th November. A MATINEE/DRESS REHEARSAL will also take place for the whole school at 12 o’clock. Parents and friends are asked to let Sandra know of attendance at either performance as soon as possible to gauge numbers for seating.

 Students are to come along to the evening performance in their ‘costumes’ and be present in the hall and report to their teacher at 5:50.

As the year draws to a close, it is timely to celebrate the achievements of our students. After two Covid years, the kids are looking forward to presenting an item from Music classes this year and it will be a fun night for all!

Christmas Singalong - Yack Town Hall -Saturday, 3rd December 6:45pm
Our choirs have been madly rehearsing for the Yackandandah Christmas singalong ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ to be held at the Yack Town Hall on Saturday, 3rd December at 6:45. Both Choirs are involved, as are many local musicians, and it will be a fun night of Christmas songs and good cheer! Tickets are available through TryBooking under a search of ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ and Yackandandah.

Choir members have already received a note re details of the performance and availability. Many thanks to those parents who have returned their notes to school as numbers need to be finalised in the next few days.

YPS Instrumental Student Concert - Yack Town Hall -Sunday, 4th December, 2pm
A ‘Pleasant Sunday Afternoon’ of music will be held in the town hall on Sunday, 4th December at 2pm for students who learn an instrument at Yack Primary with Bob and Jenny. All are welcome to come along to support these hard working and talented students! There is no charge to come along and all are welcome.


Year 5/6 News

Ignite Writing Workshop:
On Thursday, November 10, some students went to The Cube in Wodonga to take part in a day-long event discussing writing, life, big ideas and finding their voice. It was a fantastic opportunity for our students, we hope they came home and shared their experiences with you! Guest speakers included
Nevo Zisin, Aimee Chan, Simmone Howell, Joel McKerrow and Jessica Walton.


Junior School Council News

JSC 80’s themed DISCO & Pizza Night Thursday December 1st!!! 

  • The disco is fast approaching! The JSC have chosen 80’s as the theme, so students can begin planning their costumes if they wish, or they can come dressed as they please! Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help on the night, it should be a wonderful event. I have sent an email update to the people who have volunteered to help, please let me know if you did not receive it. Thank you! Entry to the disco is free, pizzas will be sold for $1 a slice and drinks will be $1 also.
  • Junior disco (F - 2) 6pm - 7pm
  • Senior disco (3 - 6) 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Other School News

Beechworth Wildlife Incursion
Last week, all students from Foundation to Year 6 got up close with some interesting reptiles and amphibians. We were lucky enough to meet some very scaly and slimy friends, with Sue from Beechworth Wildlife. Sue provided us with great insights, facts and knowledge about all of the reptiles and amphibians that visited us at school. Students got to interact with and observe with a variety of different reptiles and amphibians. Here are some important facts from F/1C students about our special guests:

Pebbles the Shingleback Lizard who can protect herself by having a tail that looks just like her head!
Blueberry the Blue Tongue Lizard who had tiny scales that were very smooth.
Gary the Bearded Dragon who had a beautiful beard and lots of spikes down the sides of his body.
Crush the Eastern Long Neck Turtle, did you know that turtles need water to help them swallow food, as they don’t have saliva!
Jeremy and Jemima the Green Tree Frogs – who need to close their eyes to help push food into their tummies.
Sonny the Albino Carpet Python who uses his tail to hold onto tree branches.

Black Betty the Black Headed Python was a large python that was around 20 years old.

Students were engaged, respectful and interacted beautifully with Sue and the reptiles and amphibians.


2023 Enrolments
Last week families were emailed a link from Xplor to re-enrol their children in OSHC for 2023.  Please complete the reenrolment and update any details that may have changed.

Pupil Free Days
Monday 19th December & Tuesday 20th December are Pupil free days.  Vacation Care will be operating on these days.  Please make any bookings through the Xplor App or be contacting the school office – Bookings are essential.    

January Vacation Care
Vacation Care will be operating Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the last two weeks of the January School Holidays.  The program will be included in the newsletter when it has been finalised.   Bookings can be made via the app, OSHC staff or through the office.  Students enrollled in Foundation next year can attend during the January holidays.




21st November – Jaala Street

23rd November – Harvey Gosling

25th November – Keira Nehra

Community Notices