Newsletter 11.12.2023

Issue 40/2023

From the Principal

This is the final newsletter for 2023. It has been a wonderful year, due in large part to the great work and positive attitudes of students, staff and families. When reflecting on our year it isn’t test results or where a particular dot falls in a report that I consider the most important. Don’t get me wrong – we always strive for these things, but what is most important is the learning and working habits and attitudes that we bring. After all, do you consider your Yr. 5 English mark as an adult, or do you consider your ability to apply what you have learnt, work positively with all different types of people (whether you like them or not), or have the confidence to learn new things? If you get the habits, attitudes, and interpersonal skills right, you are going to get the best results you can. Congratulations everyone on a terrific year. Make sure you take the time to celebrate the achievements of your children.

During assembly this Friday we will present Yr.6 students with an oak sapling, grown from a Yackandandah Primary School acorn. Next Monday (final day of school for students) there will be an assembly at approximately 3:05 where Yr. 6 students will ring the old school bell to signify the completion of their primary school years. All are welcome at assembly.

Finally, thank you for a wonderful school year. I wish you a happy Christmas, New Year, and restful holiday in whichever way you choose to celebrate.

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Student Absences
Students who have had unexplained absences have today taken home a student absentee letter.  Please complete the form, sign it and return the form to the school office.  It is Department Policy that all unexplained absences are followed up by the school.

End of Year Pool Parties
Pool parties are happening this week and next Monday at the following times:

Wednesday December 13th 11:45-1:45pm F/1 classes

Thursday December 14th 11:45-1:45pm 1/2 classes

Friday December 15th 11:45-1:45pm 3/4 classes

Monday December 18th 12:00-2:00pm 4/5/6 + 5/6 classes

Cost for pool entry is $2-65. Unfortunately, we have been advised that families cannot use their pool membership as we are attending outside of normal pool hours.

Payment is required in cash before the day – emails will be sent to families who have not yet paid.

2024 Term Dates
Term 1:                                  Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 28th March

Term2:                                   Monday 15th April to Friday 28th June

Term 3:                                  Monday 15th July to Friday 20th September

Term 4:                                  Monday 7th October to Friday 20th December


Achievement Awards

Kaidence Corben for improved enthusiasm to meet her learning goals in the classroom. Keep it up, Kaidence.
Aemon Hakanovic-Kelty for proudly showing us his goats, ‘Murphy’ and ‘Marshall’ to the F/1 classes yesterday.
Cody Ellingham for efforts to complete fractions puzzles in record time, super focus, Cody!
Jaxson Cameron for efforts to complete fractions activities and confidence in sharing your book “Books, Boots and Bushes” with the class.
Tom Murphy for his resilience and persistence across all areas of learning this term.
Amaya Whitley for her dedication and commitment to the presentation of her Komodo dragon poster.
Essie Haslett for practicing poetry perfectly in class.
Will Hutchings for his determination to catch up on schoolwork after returning from holidays.
Raff Gargiulo for accurately converting between units of length.
Charlotte Wilson for displaying a positive mindset during mathematics lessons.
Henry Lerch for showing initiative to assist classmates when needed.

Hot Lunch News

The FINAL Hot Lunch for 2023 is a BBQ sizzle and summer treat. 
We have finally made it to the last Hot Lunch of the year! Many thanks to everyone that has volunteered their time and effort this year, and particularly to Jane Murphy for putting new systems in place to make Hot Lunches run more smoothly and safely for everyone involved. Hot Lunch is a fabulous way to celebrate the end of the week, but it wouldn't be possible without such great volunteer support.

Please note that this week's lunch will include a Berri Quelch Apple Berry icy tube. I am aware that 'Zooper Doopers' are a contentious issue in the community, so I have sourced these treats as a healthier alternative. Please email or contact me via messenger if you would prefer that your child not receive one.  

Carevan Donations
I have placed a box to collect non-perishable food items to donate to Carevan's Hamper Appeal for local families experiencing hardship this Christmas. Please make any donations by 3 pm on Thursday this week (Dec 14th). Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Have a safe and happy Christmas!

Hannah Glanville-Jones
YPS Hot Lunch Coordinator



For all of Term 3, students in Year 6 regularly visited the residents at Yackandandah Health as part of a program supported by Swinburne University called PADSIP (Positive Ageing Digital Storytelling Intergenerational Project). After some initial awkwardness, the students and residents began to form smaller groups and stronger partnerships. They played games, wrote poetry, and shared lots and lots of stories. 

After a significant delay due to covid, the project culminated with a celebration event at Yackandandah Health last Tuesday evening. This is where students presented personalised reflections on individual residents and gifted them ‘Lifetime Achievement Awards’, often taking the form of a hand-made trophy. Some of the common themes in the presentations were recognition of the residents' hard work, resilience, kindness, and commitment to their family throughout their lifetime. 

The program was very successful and the intergenerational approach meant that all participants, young and old, were reminded of the importance of valuing connection, purpose, and the sharing of wisdom between generations. 

For those who are interested, one of our students, Harriet, made a short documentary about the project:

We are hopeful of continuing this project in 2024.



Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days cost
At the last School Council meeting a motion was moved to increase the cost of Vacation Care to $50 per session.  The increase will take effect from Monday 15th January 2024.

Vacation Care will be operating from Monday 15th January to Thursday 25th January 2024 (Friday 26th is a public holiday).  The Program is below.  We will also be operating on the Pupil Free day Monday 29th January 2024.  Please make bookings through the Xplor app or email


9th December – Fela Gilbert

10th December – Grace Scobie

13th December – Sierra Allan

14th December – Alfie Bayne

22nd December – Will Black

22nd December – Ryder Stagg

23rd December – Tom McAlister

25th December – Felix Anderson

30th December – Jack Summons

Community Notices

With live music from The Albury City Band, school choirs, sausage sizzle, kids craft.  Bring a chair/picnic blanket.