Newsletter 24.08.2020

Issue 27


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December 2021
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From the Principal

Congratulations to students, teachers and families who are working hard during the remote learning period. I have long been a believer that positive work habits are crucial to getting the most out of learning. The remote learning period has been an excellent chance to develop those positive work habits – particularly organisation and self-discipline. Without a teacher and other students around us to prompt us organisation has become even more important. The simple things such as having all our materials ready before learning time, tidying or packing up our learning materials in an organised way, being clear about what is expected, asking for help when necessary, taking the time to do things well rather than rush a task to get it over and done with – these are all positive work habits that will benefit everyone long after the remote learning period is past us.

I have not had any indication of when the remote learning period will end but we should all be ready for remote learning to continue until the term break (an extra week). It is simply too difficult to predict. I will certainly inform you as soon as I hear anything definite. In the meantime we will continue to follow the safety advice – hand hygiene, staying home when ill, social distancing, mask wearing and extra cleaning.

Michael Edwards


Achievement Awards

Bella Somerville for extending her ideas in writing to include examples in her persuasive texts

Flynn Graham for employing humour and hyperbole to great effect in his writing

Oscar Barker Powell for a fantastic attitude to learning every week.

Nyssa Overall for taking on feedback to improve her work.

Frankie Barker-Powell for showing persistence and independence when completing learning tasks during remote learning.

Laycee Nocentini for completing learning tasks during remote learning.

Ben Hardisty for writing a very exciting fractured fairy tale "The Three Stegosaurus and a T-Rex".

Ted Attwood for creative responses to literacy activities and asking great questions to enrich his learning.

Nicholas Shepherd for consistent effort in producing his best work.

Lucas Stagg for amazing efforts with running a cafe for our 'Money activities'.

Jonah Leane for having an enthusiastic and organised approach to home learning.

Evie Burston for excellent work with writing her spelling words on Thursday this week.

Felix Anderson for excellent work with developing his character Hiking Hyena for his narrative.

Thomas Killen for giving 100% effort to all of his learning tasks at home and at school.

Saoirse Beatty for continuing to master new technologies and programs.

Ava Walker for creating a great presentation about Anh Do.

Ethan Williams for achieving a great week of work for home learning.


Art News

This week in Art, 3/4s and 4/5/6s are rearranging the Once-ler's house using tracing paper. The Once-ler's house, called the Lerkim, has been drawn in two-point perspective and is top heavy in an add-hoc, ramshackled way, almost ready to collapse. See if you can rearrange and reconstruct the Once-ler's house using tracing paper and a black fineliner. You might like to design some dodgy architectural features of your own!

In Foundation and Year 1/2, students are creating a tracing paper drawing of the colourful Truffula trees. The link is below: 

Mandy & Caz in the art room!

Artwork of the Week
These pieces are inspired by The Lorax and students have created their own interpretation of the Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Snail Shell.

Will Boddenberg FR

Phia Smith-Deans 12C

Jayde Pritchard 12K

Leila Jansen 456L

2021 School Enrolments

If you have a child starting at school next year Enrolment packs for Yackandandah Primary School can be collected from the kindergarten or the school office.  Alternatively an enrolment form can be downloaded from the school website at

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to provide school tours.

If you have any questions or would like any further information please contact Michael Edwards on 02 6027 1431.


22nd August - Jayde Pritchard
23rd August - Lily Schultz
23rd August - Archie Korn

Community Notices

Victoria Police Community Connection
Victoria Police is providing an opportunity for residents within the local community to advise police about any safety concerns, safety improvement ideas, and their trust and confidence in local police.

Please click on the link below to access further information and a quick and easy survey which is designed to give residents a greater voice in Victoria Police’s ongoing efforts in creating a safer Victoria.

Please note that these surveys are not a way to report a specific crime.

If you would like to report a non-urgent crime or event, please use the Police Assistance Line on 131 444, or Crime Stoppers Victoria on 1800 333 000. If there is an emergency, please phone Victoria Police on 000.

Information and survey link