Newsletter 05.10.2020

Issue 31

From the Principal

Welcome to Term Four and the return of on-site learning. We are all excited to have the children learning in the classroom and reconnecting with their peers. Thank you for your patience and support last term with remote learning. It was a challenge for everyone – with each family facing the challenge in their own unique way and unique circumstances.

While we have returned to on-site learning we are still expected to abide by stage three restrictions for the time being. The key points are:

  • Keep your children home if they are showing any sign of illness.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitising to continue at school.
  • Parents please only come on site if absolutely necessary.
  • Practice social distancing at drop off and pick up.
  • Attention to hand hygiene for staff and students.
  • Use of masks for adults when not teaching/interacting with children. Any adult coming on site must wear a mask.

As the restrictions are trending towards easing these measures, we may be able to relax a little in time. However, until we are notified by health and education authorities it is important that we abide by the expectations. I am keen to avoid another round of remote learning and encourage you all to support the measures in place.

Our focus this term will be reorienting children with classroom learning and routines and supporting them to readapt to the school setting along with evaluating the children’s learning and supporting solid learning until the end of the year.

Reports will be sent home at the end of the year. They will be similar to the usual end of year reports, though perhaps a little briefer. Your child’s class teacher will let you know about parent-teacher meetings at some stage this term. The staff are keen to spend some time in the classroom with the children before preparing any reporting or interview materials.

We have been instructed not to have whole school assemblies until otherwise notified. The children will have assemblies in year or class group levels.

We are now into high UV season. All children must wear broad brimmed hats when outside at school. (No baseball caps!) Children who do not wear a hat must stay in the courtyard, under the shade sails.

Michael Edwards 

From the Office

Early Pick up from School
To minimise the number of parents walking around the school if you are collecting your child before 3.30pm you will need to call into the office to sign out and Sandra will go to the classroom for you.

Visitors to School
All visitors to school who attend on site for more than 15 minutes must sign in at the office and record their name, contact details, date and time of attendance at school, as well as the areas of the school that the person attended.

Camp, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)
The CSEF ensures students from lower-income families do not miss out on important extra-curricular activities that increase their overall engagement and participation in school and the community.  The Minister for Education has approved that the eligibility to qualify for CSEF be extended to 5th October 2020.  

If you have received a valid means-tested concession card (Health Care card) recently and it is valid as at the 5th October you can apply for the CSEF. Payment for these students will be made at 50 per cent as opportunities for camps, sports and excursions have been limited in 2020.  Please call into the office to fill out an application for.

Achievement Awards

Last Week of Term Three awards

Frankie Barker-Powell
for outstanding handwriting.

Bonnie McLeod for displaying wonderful independent learning skills.
Billie McInerney for developing an interesting story map with exciting characters and problems to overcome. Well done!
Grace O’Dwyer for being a positive and helpful peer when working with others.
Nicholas Shepherd for consistent enthusiasm and engagement in all home learning activities.
Aiden Hillier for sharing his 'happy dance' on Seesaw in celebration of our final day of home learning.
Thomas Killen for a fantastic recount of The Very Cranky Bear on Seesaw today.
Ella Williamson for showing improved confidence when speaking on webex and sharing her news.
Will Boddenberg for recording an accurate and entertaining re-tell of The Very Cranky Bear on Seesaw today.
Felix Anderson for completing and posting lots of work on Seesaw during his home learning experience.
Molly Schultz for her engaging and amusing retell of The Very Cranky Bear.
Molly Wilson for completing an impressive website about Australian History.
James Thornton for working very well during remote learning 2.0
4/5/6B for their commitment to learning and hardwork during remote learning.
Spencer Dowsley for showing interest and enthusiasm with home learning right to the very end!
Miles Thornton for showing interest and enthusiasm with home learning right to the very end!
Zoe Riley for consistently maintaining high standards for all learning activities.

Art News

Mandy and Caz would like each student to please bring back to school ONE artwork. This artwork should be a representation of their best work from The Lorax art series. Artworks will be used to make a WOW - a Wonderful Original Work of Art, first week back at school in the art room!

Artwork of the Week
Truffula Trees
By Jack Summons 34E

Hot Lunch News

Hot Lunches will recommence on Friday 16th October and we are continuing on from where we had to finish, so the first lunch will be Quiche from Marobe Cakes. The student orders will carry over from last term - you do not need to re-order.  

Please click on the link below to access the menu and the roster.

Term 4 Hot Lunch


Term 4 Bookings
As people's work situations have changed if you haven't yet confirmed your bookings for this term could you please do so by emailing Sandra at

Vacation Care
Thank you to Laura and her team for organising and running a fun filled Holiday program which was enjoyed by all who attended.  Photos will be in next week's newsletter.

Library News

Book Week: 17-23 October 2020   Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Save the date! Put it on the calendar! Friday 30th October is Book Week Dress-up Day at Yackandandah Primary! Some of you may have already started gathering bits and pieces together for your costume. Others might need a little inspiration with a visit to the local Op-shop. Start thinking about the books you have read this year. Did you have a favourite? How could you dress up in a creative way to represent a character in the story?

In Library sessions for Foundation, Year 1 & 2 we’ll be focusing on the shortlisted books in the weeks leading up to Book Week, and exploring this year’s theme- Curious Creatures, Wild Minds!

This year we will be asking for a non-compulsory gold coin donation on Book Week Dress-up Day, to raise money to buy new books for the School Library.

Returning Books in Term 4
 It was great to see so many students borrowing books during remote learning. Some students have had books on loan since the start of lockdown, and I would encourage them to bring any overdue books back to school during this first week of term please. Parents may need to assist children in ensuring these books make their way back to school. Thank you!

I’m really looking forward to seeing all the students back in the Library for a fabulous Term 4 of reading, storytelling and play!

Sarah McAlister



19th September - Amy Schilling
22nd September - William Boddenberg
23rd September - Willow Anderson
23rd September - Cameron McIntosh
24th September - Owen Overall
25th September - Zoe Blair
29th September - Imogen Rolfe
30th September - Jake Blair
2nd October - Zac Davis
5th October - Patrick Murray

Yackandandah Kindergarten Mango Fundraiser

It's that time of year again, the Yackandandah Kindergarten is once again running their Annual Christmas Mango Fundraiser.  

Each tray of mangoes is $30. The mangoes are grown in Queensland with approximately 7kg of mangoes per tray.  Numbers may vary from 12 large up to 23 small Mangoes. Depending on size of mangoes this year, the cost per mango works out to between $1.20 and $2.50 each.  The variety of mango is Kensington Pride and comes directly from the farm, with no long periods in storage and minimal use of chemical pesticides and soluble fertilizers. They taste fantastic! 

Delivery will occur between 7th – 11th December 2020 and pick-up will be from the Yack Public Hall (we have organised a drop off point in Beechworth as well). We will inform you by email of the exact delivery date (dependent on ripening). 

Please note there are two order forms – one for individual and one for group orders. If one person is paying, use the individual form and if there are multiple people paying, use the group order form.

Links to the order forms are below. 

Please complete your payment prior to sending the spreadsheet to   

Whilst we do aim to be flexible, please be aware that for the fundraiser to be successful we are hoping to keep things simple. If possible please email the form back, rather than printing it out as this makes it easier for us to keep track of orders. If you do need to print it out, please then give it to Jennie in the Kinder office so that she can email it to the Mango Co-Ordinator Kiera Maybury. 

Please submit the form once your order has been paid for, there are 3 options: 

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer to: Account Name: Yackandandah Primary School. BSB: 803-070.  Account No. 48135  

          Important: Please write MANGO and the surname of the person appearing on the order form in the reference. 

  1. Take your payment to the WAW bank and deposit directly using details above 
  2. Pay cash to Jennie McKern in the Kinder office or Sandra McKibbin in the Yack Primary office. 

Orders must be emailed to the Mango Co-Ordinator at  or received at the Kinder Office by 26th October 2020. 

Thank you for your support.

Individual Order Form

Group Order Form