Newsletter 19/10/2020

Issue 33


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December 2021
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From the Principal

While we have returned to school this term we are still adapting to a ‘new normal’. I have very much appreciated the support of staff, students and families in adapting to this. Keeping your child home when ill in any way, coming on site only when necessary, wearing masks and practicing social distancing are all things that are now habit.

Our first kinder to school transition day took place last Wednesday as next year’s Foundation children visited the school in small groups. It was wonderful to have the children visit, even though the program had to be altered due to restrictions. Transition visits will continue every second week for the rest of the term.

This Friday is a public holiday – school will be closed for the day. The AFL grand final public holiday usually falls in the term holidays however due to an altered season it occurs later than usual this year.

Congratulations kids on a great start to the term. Let’s keep it up for the next few weeks!

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Thank you to all the parents who are notifying the office when their children are away.
Another way to do this is via the school website at
On the home page there is an icon for 'Register An Absence'.  Click on the icon, fill out the details and the school receives a notification.

Also on the website home page is an icon for the Calendar.  This shows all the school activities month by month without having to click on each date - great if you want to print it out to put on your fridge.

Achievement Awards

Charlotte Wilson for displaying persistence in all learning, keep up the great work!
Raffaele Gargiulo for creating examples of arrays using a target number confidently!
Jayde Pritchard for a wonderfully written and read first 'Two Voice Poem'.
Willow Anderson for a wonderfully written and read first 'Two Voice Poem'.
Eleanor Glanville for a fabulous effort with your first 'Two Voice Poem'.
Remy Lane for her excellent recall of our History unit content. AMAZING!
Dawson Grogan for his excellent use of literary devices and strong openers in his Big Write.
Cooper Quick for his great thinking, discussion and innovation in $20 BOSS.
Patrick Murray for demonstrating a good understanding of the Australian History unit.
Ivy Edwards for achieving excellent results in many areas of maths testing.
Oscar Bayne for showing great control of skills in this week's Big Write.
Bonnie McLeod for working diligently on her poetry.
Max Murphy for being such a fantastic friend and including everyone at playtimes.
Lewis James Hillier for showing persistence when trying to solve more complex comprehension questions.
Will Boddenberg for achieving the longest jump in long jump in Foundation.
Aiden Hillier for being the best little drummer boy in music.
Jack Gregory for doing a terrific job preparing for his Big Write this week.
Harry Schmidt for rechecking his work in Mathematics to improve accuracy.

Art News

Art Work of the Week
A selection of watercolour backgrounds that the 4/5/6 students are busy preparing for our sensational Book Week art activities coming up on Friday 30th October. 

Oscar Baynes' mesmerising watercolour background. 

Have fun organising your book character costumes.

Caz & Mandy

Hot Lunch News

Volunteer Needed
We need someone to collect food from FoodShare for the hot lunches on the 6th & 13th of November.  If you can help out please contact Clare on 0409110476.

Library News

It’s officially Book Week this week!  17-23 October 2020  Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

There is a lot of talk among the younger students about what or who they’ll be dressing up as. It’s so wonderful for them to finally have something this year to look forward to, when almost everything else they look forward during the school year has been cancelled!

Remember: Friday 30 October is Book Week Dress-up Day at Yackandandah Primary!
How’s your costume coming along? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your child is struggling to decide on a character- I have lots of costumes! I also have a pair of Size 2 sandals to give away to whoever might be able to use them for their costume. Email:

In The Library
In Week 2, Foundation, Year 1 & 2 started creating backdrops on paper, using simple line drawings in black pencil. We read the shortlisted picture book Three by Stephen Michael King, focussing on the background illustrations in the book.

This week, they’ll start to make their own curious and wild creatures out of coloured playdough, which we’ll then photograph on the background drawings they’ve created.

Book Donations
A huge thank you to Nicholas Shepherd and family, for donating two books to the School Library last week. We now have some near new copies of: Diary of a Whimpy Kid and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw by Jeff Kinney; WeirDo Book #5 & #6 by the ever popular Anh Do; and Hide and Seek by Kate Messner. We really appreciate your generous support of the Library.

As mentioned last week, we are always welcoming donations of quality books for the Library. Especially hardcover picture books and non-fiction books; and paperback (or hardback) junior fiction. Funny Kid by Matt Stanton; Dog Man by Dave Pilkey; Diary of a Wimpy Kid series; Star Wars, Lego and Minecraft books are just a few that we need on the shelves in the Library. If you have any titles sitting idle at home, that you’d be happy to donate, I’d love to hear from you! Email:

Sarah McAlister


20th October - Billie McInerney
21st October - Thomas Killen
21st October - Mary Nolan

Yackandandah Kindergarten Mango Fundraiser

It's that time of year again, the Yackandandah Kindergarten is once again running their Annual Christmas Mango Fundraiser.  

Each tray of mangoes is $30. The mangoes are grown in Queensland with approximately 7kg of mangoes per tray.  Numbers may vary from 12 large up to 23 small Mangoes. Depending on size of mangoes this year, the cost per mango works out to between $1.20 and $2.50 each.  The variety of mango is Kensington Pride and comes directly from the farm, with no long periods in storage and minimal use of chemical pesticides and soluble fertilizers. They taste fantastic! 

Delivery will occur between 7th – 11th December 2020 and pick-up will be from the Yack Public Hall (we have organised a drop off point in Beechworth as well). We will inform you by email of the exact delivery date (dependent on ripening). 

Please note there are two order forms – one for individual and one for group orders. If one person is paying, use the individual form and if there are multiple people paying, use the group order form.

Links to the order forms are below. 

Please complete your payment prior to sending the spreadsheet to   

Whilst we do aim to be flexible, please be aware that for the fundraiser to be successful we are hoping to keep things simple. If possible please email the form back, rather than printing it out as this makes it easier for us to keep track of orders. If you do need to print it out, please then give it to Jennie in the Kinder office so that she can email it to the Mango Co-Ordinator Kiera Maybury. 

Please submit the form once your order has been paid for, there are 3 options: 

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer to: Account Name: Yackandandah Primary School. BSB: 803-070.  Account No. 48135  

          Important: Please write MANGO and the surname of the person appearing on the order form in the reference. 

  1. Take your payment to the WAW bank and deposit directly using details above 
  2. Pay cash to Jennie McKern in the Kinder office or Sandra McKibbin in the Yack Primary office. 

Orders must be emailed to the Mango Co-Ordinator at  or received at the Kinder Office by 26th October 2020. 

Thank you for your support.

Individual Order Form

Group Order Form

Community Notices

Calling anyone keen to try TENNIS! 

There will be a ‘come & try’ hit of tennis happening at Yack Tennis Courts open to anybody no matter their skill level (encouraging 5-10 yr olds) for 4 Wednesdays. The first Wednesday will be the 18th November, and thereafter the 25/11, 2/12 and 9/12 (if there is any inclement weather, we can have Wed 16/12 as a back-up session).

The idea is to inspire/expose/nurture kids and tennis to see if they like it and if so continue offering options for kids to help develop enough skills to go on and play junior competition etc. 

THIS IS NOT COACHING and PARENTS NEED TO STAY, support their child/ren, even have a hit to their child or another’s. There is a mandatory cost of $10/child (insurance under Yack Tennis Club) but that covers them for as many/as few of the sessions that they might attend. 

I also propose 4 more weeks in Term 1 of 2021 so watch for news of this in the newsletter again early in the term.

I will be attending all sessions so please let me know your interest or just show up :) my contact is 0425 707 346 if you have any questions. 

I look forward to seeing you on these dates for lots of fun and something new and exciting. 

Louise Thornton 

Ready to Step Online Session

Monash Health is running a free parent/carer information session to support your kindergarten aged child get ready for school in 2021.
Please click on the link below for more information.
Ready to Step Up

Parent & Relationship Education Programs Term 4
Gateway Health is offering a range of group parenting programs and individual support sessions to parents and carers across the region.  Please click on the link below for more information.

Parent & Relationship Education Programs