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December 2021
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From the Principal

On Friday evening we held the Yr.6 Graduation Ceremony. We were able to hold the ceremony in the Yackandandah Town Hall and have families attend – thankfully the restrictions had lifted just enough to allow us to do this. The ceremony is a great way to honour the journey and achievements of the Yr. 6 students as they complete their primary schooling. As teachers it is wonderful to see the growth, both physical and in character, of the children over the years. Our Yr. 6 group has had to navigate a particularly difficult year for their final grade at Yackandandah Primary School. They have come through it extremely well and we are all proud of their achievements.

We are supported by community groups and organisations with bursaries for student awards at the end of the year. The awards recognise extraordinary effort, achievement and community spirit. The awards were presented at the Graduation Ceremony. This year’s award winners are:

Lions Club Award:             Yoo Hee Shaw

RSL Awards:                      Sienna Warren and Harrison Walsh

Barty’s Buses Awards:      Dawson Grogan and Molly Wilson

Indigo Shire Award:          Leila Jansen

Part of the Graduation Ceremony is farewelling families that have their youngest child starting secondary school in 2021. There were a large group of families in this category this year. These families have contributed to the school in many ways – some for up to 15 years. They have contributed in so many ways; through school council, supporting and even coordinating major events, classroom support, working bees, and most importantly, through contributing to a positive school community culture. Thank you to our departing families for all you have done.

This Wednesday (final day of the year for children) there will be an assembly at 3pm. At the assembly the Yr. 6 students will ring the old school bell as they depart for the final time. All are welcome to attend.

Final Word
I know we are all thoroughly over hearing about COVID. It is, however, the defining theme of our year – and has had a huge impact on schooling in 2020. This year has been very difficult for students, teachers and families. Our children have coped remarkably well – but that is because of the adults around them; their families and their teachers. I am extremely grateful for the support of families during the remote learning periods, and other times. Particularly given the stresses that families were under as they dealt with the impacts of lockdowns. Feedback from other areas tells me that we are fortunate in the parent community we have. I am also grateful for our staff. It has been an exhausting year where schooling had to be reinvented on the spot – and I know that the staff at Yackandandah Primary School worked long and hard to continue to keep the learning alive for the children. I think everyone has more than earned a break where we can just let ourselves relax, reset and recharge.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and new year.

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Family statements
Statements were sent home last week – please pay any outstanding amounts this week.  Thank you.

2021 Student Stationary Packs
There is no need for parents to purchase stationery for their children.  The school has purchased in bulk and the teachers will distribute to the students on the first day of term and as needed throughout the year.  The cost of the stationary packs are included in the school fees.  Statements for next year’s fees will be sent out in January before school commences.

Class Pool Parties
Class Pool parties are being held this week.  If you don’t have pool membership and you haven’t yet paid could you please do so tomorrow.

Yackandandah Foodworks Community Points
Thank you to all the families and community members who donate their points at Foodworks to the Primary School.  We received $594.62 in the last pay out.

2021 Term Dates

Term 1                   28th January – 1st April

Term 2                   19th April – 25th June

Term 3                   12th July – 17th September

Term 4                   4th October – 17th December

Achievement Awards

Marliah Barnes for consistently demonstrating a high degree of independence and effort in all activities.
Harry Schmidt for building his capacity to work with more challenging concepts in maths.
Jaala Street for being a terrific team player in 3/4E this year.
Zoe Blair for always being a considerate and caring class member.
Lily Schultz for consistent enthusiasm for all learning.
Raffaele Gargiulo for making a solid effort in completing work and helping others.
Grace Pritchard for outstanding fielding during our cricket sessions over the past three weeks. HOWZAT!
Taidhg James Hillier for great work skip counting by 2s this week in our maths games.
Sara Davison for completing detailed and well-presented posters about wombats.
All of Year 2 - for your enthusiasm during school library sessions and your growing passion for books and reading!  I will miss you next year!
Violet MacCalman for compiling excellent questions for the Book Week author talk with Edwina Wyatt.
Flynn Graham for compiling excellent questions for the Book Week author talk with Edwina Wyatt.
Lenny Jones for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Flynn Graham for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Vivienne O’Brien for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Ella Owers for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Bella Sommerville for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Alfie Lebner for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Harlan O’Brien for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Jaala Street for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Ada Tracy for being one of the top ten book borrowers of 2020 @YPS!  Awesome!
Florian Whitley for not only borrowing the most books during remote learning, but the most books borrowed @YPS for 2020!  50 books! Awesome reading Florian!
Lenny Graham for being a kind and supportive friend and classmate.
Wil McCormack for enthusiastically supporting 1/2K with learning to use computer programs.
Ben Hardisty for enthusiastically supporting 1/2K with learning to use computer programs.
Lucas Stagg for enthusiastically completing graphing activities independently.


iParent Portal
Thank you to all the families who have registered on the iParent portal and have begun the process of enrolling via the portal.  When you receive notification that you have been offered a place you need to log into the portal, accept the offer and complete the enrolment form.  The emergency contacts need to be different people to the parents.
There is no need to bring a copy of the Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate as we hold a copy at school.  

Vacation Care Permission Forms:
Please click on the links below to access the permission forms for the Vacation Care excursions.

Please complete the forms and return to school by Wednesday 16th December.

Waves Excursion

Berry Picking

Ten Pin Bowls

Yack Pool

Albury Cinema

Yack Sports Park

Once you have completed the iParent portal steps all bookings can be created through the iParent portal by clicking the ‘booking’ tab and selecting the appropriate date(s). Any questions please ask Laura, Siobhan or Sandra. If needed you may still book in via the school office.

Pupil Free Days
Thursday 17th December and Friday 18th December are Pupil Free days.  Bookings for these two days can also be made via the iParent portal or through the school office.

Junior School Council - Gum Tree Pie Fundraiser

JSC Pie Day
A big thank you to Gum Tree Pies for organising the Pie Day. $470 was raised.  This amount plus $1 from students participating in the $20 Boss program will go towards purchasing new Library books  next year – a total of $526 dollars.



14th December – Alfie Bayne
15th December – Stella Brinsdon
22nd December – William Black
22nd December - Ryder Stagg
23rd December – Isla McInnes
24th December – Lily Van Duinen
24th December – Liam Wall
25th December – Felix Anderson
30th December – Jack Summons
30th December – Lachi O’Sullivan

From School Council

School Council Report – December 2020

Financial Management:
Our last meeting was held at on the 23rd November with the main topic of business being endorsement of the draft 2021 budgets for:

  • Yackandandah Primary School;
  • Yackandandah Kindergarten; and
  • Outside School Hours Care.

Out draft budgets will be ratified in early 2021 once the Department of Education and Training (DET) has confirmed our funding.

As mentioned in my previous update, our operating income is funded from two sources; the DET and parent/care-giver payments through school fees.  DET policy changes have resulted in a reduction in 2021 school fees (between $40 - $150 per student).

School Council are encouraging families to make a voluntary contribution equivalent to the reduction in fees. This will ensure we do not have to reduce spending on teaching resources in the 2021 operating budget.  If you have any questions please contact Michael E, Sandra, Michael W (School Council Treasurer) or myself.

Road Safety:
You will have seen a short survey regarding road safety around the school. Please take this opportunity to submit your concerns and feedback so that we can pass onto the relevant stakeholders at Indigo Shire Council and Vic Roads.

We are extremely disappointed to report that our grant application for the Dry Creek Bed Project was unsuccessful.

We’ve been advised that the response to the Minor Capital Works Fund was phenomenal with over 75 per cent of schools applying, totaling 1200 applications and it was simply not possible to fund all high quality and eligible projects.

School Council will now determine a way forward for this project, most likely in a staged approach using funds previously raised, and looking to potential fundraising activities next year.

Grade 6 Graduating Class:
On Friday night I had the honour of representing School Council, and our wider School Community at the Grade 6 graduation ceremony.

I would like to acknowledge, on behalf of the school community, the families of our graduating class and in particular their contributions to YPS over many years. For some families, this is their last year at YPS and I say a special thanks to them.

I would also like to congratulate our Grade 6 students, on behalf of School Council, for thriving in what has been a very challenging year and wish you all the best of luck and good fortune with your next steps in life!

School Council:
The finance sub-committee will meet tonight at 5.30pm to review the November financial reports.  All welcome to attend.

I would like to personally thank all of the School Council members for what has been an interesting and challenging year on School Council. Our work this year improving our processes and governance structures will ensure we’re well placed to implement some great projects in 2021!

Don’t forget School Council nominations will be sent out early in the New Year! We have 8 parent/care-giver representatives, with four places filled each year (for a 2 year term). If you’re keen to be involved we’d love you to nominate.

Merry Christmas and have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Jane Dowsley
Yackandandah Primary School Council President

School Councilors – Michael Walsh, Beth Boddenberg, Orrin Pritchard, Carly Frank, Robyn Wilson, Kate Stagg, Tennille McIntosh, Paige Rolfe, Faith Deans, Michael Edwards and Jane Dowsley.

Community Notices

2021 Portsea Camp
Portsea Camp have recently announced two January Camps for 2021!

The Dates are: 

  • Camp 1 - Monday 4 to Friday 8 January
  • Camp 2 - Monday 11 to Friday 15 January

Due to COVID-19, the camp and application process looks very different.

  • Portsea are not offering transport to and from the camp, if you are interested in a spot for the January camp you will need to arrange drop off and pick up.
  • The camper age range has been expanded to 8-15 years old.
  • To ensure that the camps are run in compliance with COVID Safety Plan the numbers are capped at 100 campers per camp.
  • The cost is $490 per camper

Applications can be made for either camp directly through the Portsea Camp website (not via Council like in previous years)

Jess Johnston
Pandemic Coordination Team

Indigo Shire Council
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