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December 2021
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From the Principal

National Ride To School Day
This Friday is National Ride to School Day. Students are encouraged to ride to school when the weather permits. Our bike racks get close to full on some days and it is great to see so many children riding bikes and scooters. Remember to ride safely and be mindful of traffic!

Our unicycles are currently being serviced and repaired. When they are returned they will be accessible to the Yr. 5/6 classes to put to good use.

Our SEL topic this week is focusing on the school value ‘We are Learners.’ I am a firm believer that developing positive learning habits is at least as important as churning through curriculum. Developing learning habits is like developing any other habit. It can take time and effort, but when the habit is embedded it can pay off. Learning habits are very much individual challenges. Some positive habits include good use of time, organisational skills, curiosity, and being comfortable with the fact that learning begins with uncertainty and difficulty. The SEL lesson this week will focus on keeping organised and good use of time.

One thing we can do as parents is to ask “What did you learn today?” At the end of a hard day’s work you may get a response of ‘Nothing,’ or ‘Dunno,’ but the question signals that the point of school is learning. We often ask ‘Did you have fun today?’ We aim to make school as engaging as possible, but children will not always think that school is ‘fun’ and creating the expectation that it should be is unrealistic.  Ultimately we aim for the children to get a sense of satisfaction out of learning and progressing. And of course we aim for some fun along the way.

Michael Edwards


From the Office

Head Lice
It has come to our attention that some students in the school may have head lice and we seek your cooperation in checking your child's hair this week.

Head lice do not transmit infectious diseases - they are transmitted by having head to head contact with someone who has head lice.  You may be reassured to know that head lice are commonly found in places other than at school.  Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures.  They have survived living solely on humans for 10,000 years!!!

What can you do?
We seek your cooperation in checking your child's hair and in those instances where head lice or eggs are found, treating your child's hair.  Please visit and search for 'head lice (nits)" for advice on finding, treating and preventing head lice.
  • the school and advise when the treatment has started
  • parents or carers of your child’s friends so they too have the opportunity to detect and treat their children if necessary.

Health regulations requires that where a child has head lice, that child should not return to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started. Please note, this refers only to those children who have live head lice and does not refer to head lice eggs. More information about exclusion requirements can be found by searching for “school exclusion table” at

We aware that head lice can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining your confidentiality

Have a good week,


Assembly Helpers

Assembly helpers this week are:

Lachy O’Brien & Saoirse Beatty

Achievement Awards

Ava Walker for being such an enthusiastic, attentive and helpful member of our class.
Sally Bayne for her wonderful descriptive writing and fantastic use of openers.
Nyssa Overall for the excellent connections she is able to make whilst visualising what she is reading.
Felix Anderson for sharing and demonstrating great ideas for our number talks this week.
Jack McAlister for being such a keen learner at school, as well as doing extra learning activities at home.
Evie Burston for making lots of successful attempts at trying to spell tricky words.
Kayden Street for following his daily schedule and trying hard to complete lots of learning tasks.
Patrick McIntyre for fabulous focus and active listening during class discussions.
Savannah Lockett for being a responsible member of our class and always helping others.
Thomas Killen for displaying persistence during writing activities.
Sierra Allan for her wonderful use of descriptive words and figurative language in her Big Write.
Max Murphy for having a go at developing an interesting introduction to his narrative to engage the reader.
Raff Gargiulo for developing his writing skills and producing a sustained piece of work.
Ella Joy for confidently sharing your ideas and your discoveries with the class.
Miles Thornton for always putting 100% into class activities but especially handwriting.
Indie Barker-Powell for her fantastic descriptive writing, including sophisticated vocabulary and multiple senses.
Jim Wilson for showing kindness and being inclusive of others.
Vanessa Williams for using some excellent alliteration and descriptive language in her writing.
Aidan Wall for taking his time and striving for accuracy in assessment tasks
Ruby Hewitt for demonstrating the use of strategic thinking during maths lessons
Aliya McCormack for developing a sensational entry for the Write 4 Fun writing competition. Good luck!!

Art News

Artwork of the week

Will Black and Peter Kellaway, street artists in the making! They were both really inspired by our focus on artist Keith Haring! 

Chalk art drawings, started by 2K and 2PA!  The drawings were added to over lunch and recess, under the expert guidance of Will B and Peter K.

And some incredible cartoons drawn by Isaac Hewson!

Hot Lunch News

Hot Lunch this week is a BLT/Halloumi roll

Helpers are Hannah Glanville-Jones, Mel Carne, Louise Thornton & Jenny Garvey.

Sports News

The House cross-country is taking place on Friday, April 23, at the Yackandandah Sports Park. The back-up date is Wednesday, April 28. The event will begin at 9am and we ask that students be dropped off at the Sports Park directly, after 8.40 am, rather than going to school. The school bus will drop kids off at the sports park, and a teacher will walk with students from Before School Care, at 8.40am.

A draft timetable is below.


Students arrive at the sports park.

Parents, carers and buses drop students off. Before School Care walk to sports park with teacher.


Mark the rolls and Welcome



5/6 year-old girls and boys plus buddies - 1km run

Event not timed


7 year-old girls and boys - 1km run

Event not timed


8 year-old girls and boys - 1km run

Event not timed


9/10 year-old girls - 2km run

Event timed


9/10 year-old boys - 2km run

Event timed


11 year-old girls and boys- 3km run

Event timed


12/13 year-old girls and boys - 3km run

Event timed




Students will be competing in their houses and are encouraged to wear their house colours for the day. Students should also wear appropriate footwear and bring their bag with snacks and water. Ribbons will be handed out for students who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their age group and gender. In the senior age groups (9/10, 11, 12/13) up to 10 runners from each classification can qualify for the District event. Students will need to demonstrate that they can run the course in a suitable time to qualify. The District event will be held in Yackandandah on Friday, April 30.

Permission forms have been sent home tonight and need to be returned by Friday.

We do require several parents or carers to assist with supervision of the track on the day. This involves taking a position on the track to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants. If you are able to help with this, please contact the office or Brendan Hogan.

Library News

Week 6 was busy in the Library! F/1R completed their exploration of the work of Alison Lester. We read Tricky’s Bad Day (which was very relatable!) and revisited Magic Beach, which we’d read in Week 2. The students shared connections they made with the stories in each book and discussed comparisons between the differing illustration styles. 

Years 2K, 2PA and 3/4A were moved by the new picture book Day Break by Amy McQuire and illustrated by Matt Chun. It explores the meaning around January 26, and why it is not a day of celebration for Indigenous Australians. Students made bookmarks, from re-purposed wallpaper sample books, to keep in their tubs for use at school. They are already in use!

In Week 8 we’ll be doing a Treasure Hunt in the Library!

Overdue Books
There are quite a number of students who still have overdue books from 2020. I’ll be sending notices home again this week. Please can you assist your child in finding and returning them to their classroom teacher any day of the school week. You could even leave them with Sandra at the office, who will pass them on to me. Thank you!

Book Donations
Thank you to the Barnes and Whitley families for their generous book donations recently. We now have three new titles in the Star Wars Jedi Academy series to grow our collection, plus a number of other popular titles for young readers.

Enjoy a wonderful week of reading!

Sarah McAlister

Other School News

Year 6 – 7 Transition


Wodonga Middle Years College will be ‘On Show’ and are inviting Year 6 students to take a tour of their campuses and to join them for an online Live Q&A on Thursday March 18.

Below are some links you might like to look at to find out more information. Also, a staff member from Wodonga Middle Years College will be coming to Yackandandah Primary School on Friday the 26th March to speak with the Year 6 students about their school, programs and everything a Year 7 needs to know about starting high school.

WMYC Transition Website – WMYC On Show Information -

This link has a form that allows you to submit any questions you may have, please feel free to submit them prior to the live event.

WMYC On Show Promotional Clip -

There is also a Facebook Event if you are interested in checking it out -



Our Program
With the weather being so lovely lately we have been changing things up a little bit and enjoying our afternoon tea outside. The children have really loved doing this, it gives them the opportunity to be more involved in the process of getting afternoon tea ready as we are in the kitchen, some children have even enjoyed that they get to be more involved in cleaning up! So tap into that enthusiasm at home!
We have been exploring Japan the last few weeks and the children are excited to learn more about the language and culture! Children have enjoyed undertaking research and exploring how technology can be used in this way.

We have also entered the Cosmic Kids Yoga Quest. Children will have the opportunity to complete the yoga quest at their own pace. There are 5 maps to complete and each map is accompanied by an instructional yoga video. The children have enjoyed having yoga in the program, even choosing to play yoga tag as a group game!

Boxandandah , our box city, is coming along nicely! The children have been putting a lot of hard work into it and are proud to start displaying our town! We have all the essentials, and we are working on upgrading our roads this week!

Please remember bookings can be created and deleted for our care sessions via the iParent Portal. We ask that if you require care and haven’t done so already, to create a portal account and enrol your children into our service. If you have any questions regarding this please email The link for the portal is below.

There is a step-by-step guide link below for creating a portal account and enrolling a child.

Sign in
Please note you MUST sign you child in and out using the iPad provided. As part of our policies this must be done by a parent or guardian as you drop off or pick up their child. Our staff are there to assist you with this process if needed, they are well equipped to manage any troubles which can occur when using this technology.

We recognise that hygiene is imperative during these times therefore we have provided hand sanitiser for you to use prior to using our iPad.

Term 1 Vacation Care
Please ensure that you start to book your children in for Vacation care on the iParent Portal.

Our Vacation care dates are 6th -9th of April and the 12th -16th April.

We have worked closely with the kid this holidays to create a program that reflects what they want to do at OSHC. We think the program is looking great and we are looking forward to having a great vacation care with the children.




13th March – Ada Tracy

17th March – Jack Gregory

19th March – Lewis James-Hillier

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