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December 2021
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From the Principal

This week is NAPLAN week. Students in Years 3 & 5 will sit a NAPLAN test each day from Tuesday to Friday. Each test takes between 40 minutes and an hour. NAPLAN tests are a tool used to gather information on general trends in and across schools. They are less useful as an indication of the specific achievement of a child – that information is best gathered from their day to day learning in the classroom.

This Wednesday is school photos day. The photos will be taken in the morning. Please ensure that your child has full school uniform on the day.

Hats are now optional for students to wear. Some students still like to wear hats while other do not. If your child will no longer be wearing their school hat until later in the year, I suggest storing it in a safe place to ensure you have it ready to go later in the year when the UV rating climbs again.

Please ensure your child’s clothing is labelled clearly with their name. This is especially important with jumpers and jackets. We do our best to return labelled clothing to owners, but unlabelled items are placed in lost property.

This evening at 5:30pm we will present our 2020 Annual Report to the school community. All are welcome to attend. This will take place in the 5/6 BE classroom.

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Year F/1/2 Magic Beach Excursion
Our excursion to see the performance of Magic Beach is next Monday.  The students who have not yet returned their permission forms have taken home another form today.  Please return the form tomorrow.  A reminder payment is due before the excursion.

School Photos
School photos will be taken this Wednesday.  Payment can be made via the internet or cash can be sent in to the office with the order form – you will need the exact amount.  If you have paid via the internet please return the order form to school either tomorrow or Wednesday.  If you have misplaced your order form please call into the office for a new one.

COVID 19 Contact Tracing for Camps and Excursions
Some excursion venues are required to collect contact details and are responsible for managing record keeping for contact-tracing in line with current public health directives.

Most venues are required to use electronic record keeping that connects with an Application Programming Interface (API) linked provider or a digital system provided by Services Victoria.

The Department of Health has strongly recommended that a contact number for each individual student is provided. A school phone number alone is not considered sufficient. Providing contact details for individual students will expedite contact tracing so that individuals can be contacted by the Department of Health if required.

Parents/carers/guardians are advised that, when required, the school will be providing excursion venues with contact details for students. The phone number on school file for the student will be provided as the nominated contact number.

Venues will be collecting student names and contact phone numbers for a legitimate purpose and are subject to Victorian privacy laws so will handle the information securely and only retain it for the required 28-day period.

Enjoy your week,

Assembly Helpers

Assembly helpers this week are:

Tess Griska & Flynn Graham

Achievement Awards

Jack Summons for being a fair and respectful team member during group tasks this week.
Aliya McCormack for consistently taking responsibility for her learning and sharing her insight with others.
Jim Kelley for developing strong ideas in writing and finding ways to ‘uplevel’ his drafts.
Kayden Street for tracing over letters and having a go at writing lots of words.
Jack McAlister for showing improved confidence in writing this week about Wombat Stew.
Evie Burston for great work using expanded notation for 2 and 3 digit numbers.
Patrick McIntyre for persistence in writing lots of words about Wombat Stew this week.
Ewan McInerney for outstanding letter formation, epic effort, Ewan!
Miriam Martini for consistently displaying our school values each and every day.
Miles Thornton for showing dedication and commitment to his reading.
Grace O’Dwyer for her growing confidence in contributing to class discussions.
Sebastian Davison for demonstrating dedication and resourcefulness to improving his persuasive writing.
Phia Smith-Deans for posing insightful questions during reading lessons.
Raff Gargiulo for confidently sharing his thinking about his learning.
Nate Attwood for his excellent understanding of Mean, Median, Mode & Range.
Flynn Graham for writing some great compound sentences and using a semi-colon for impact!
James Thornton for his very creative and well written counter arguments in persuasive writing.
Shaynia Clausen for being an excellent leader in reciprocal teaching groups.
Angus M’Crystal for always being willing to contribute his knowledge and ideas in Maths.
Claire Walsh for her fantastic efforts in Maths when learning how to interpret date in different ways.

Art News

We are thrilled to announce that Yackandandah Primary School was successful in applying for a Creative Workers in Schools residency program. Over 550 schools and artists applied and only 150 creative workers and schools were selected to undertake this residency partnership in a Victorian government primary or secondary school. Next week we welcome Kirsten Coates to the art room. Kirsten is a local artist, former art teacher and printmaker, and she will be introducing our students to printmaking and the artistic practice of keeping a nature journal. Kirsten brings to the school a wealth of arts knowledge and expertise, in particular a passion for printmaking. We are looking forward to dusting off our old printing press, currently sitting in the photocopy room and getting it back working once again! Kirsten has generously agreed to work with every class, across the entire school and not necessarily just in the art room! We are super excited about the wonderful opportunities that this funding, through Regional Arts Victoria (RAV), will generate for our students over the next 6 months. 

Caz & Mandy

Artwork of the Week
Perspective drawing is a conventional drawing system that yields amazing results. Here are some super one-point perspective swirls by Niamh, Hugh and Stella.

Isaac invented his own one-point perspective drawing after being inspired by pavement Street Art.

Hot Lunch News

Hot Lunch this week is an Egg & Bacon roll/Halloumi Roll

Helpers are:
Jacqui Schmidt, Jenny Garvey, Natasha Schultz & Bron Westbrook.

We still need helpers for Friday 28th May, 4th June, 11th June and the 25th June otherwise these hot lunches will be cancelled.   If you can assist please let Sandra know. 

Music News

A big THANK YOU to Jack Gregory for the generous donation of a Ukulele to the Music program after winning the instrument in a song writing contest!  A great achievement and a most appreciated addition to the Music Room!

Also thank you to Ned Woolley & Magnus McGregor for passing on a violin to the school.  The donation is greatly appreciated.

Jenny Cope-Williams.

5/6 News

On Wednesday, 16th June the Year 5/6 students will be travelling to Marian College in Myrtleford to watch a special performance of their production ‘Wizard of Oz”.  We will be leaving school at 9.45am and returning at 2.15pm.

There is no cost for this excursion as Marian College is organising the transport. 

Permission forms have been sent home today and need to be returned to school by next Monday, 17th May.

Open Day


Our Program
We’ve had a busy return to OSHC this term!

We’ve got lots of exciting new things to share with you regarding our program!

We’ve been having a look at our resources and play spaces inside. With the cold wet weather not too far away we’ve done what we can to update and liven up our space to accommodate for more time spent inside. The children have enjoyed our new additions and were excited to keep providing them with fun and engaging play spaces.

As a team and a service we have been looking into our sustainability and what we can do to help our environment. In doing so we have now got into a great routine with our composting, which we give to our neighbours across the road for their chickens and farm, and the art resources that we use. We’ve decided that whilst glitter, Pom poms and pipe cleaners are massively fun, they aren’t so great for our wonderful environment. We are looking to start collecting more natural items for our arts and craft, leaves, twigs, stones, acorns, gum nuts and flowers. If you have an abundance of any of these at home and would like to collect them and drop them off to OSHC we would be most appreciative.

Please remember bookings can be created and deleted for our care sessions via the iParent Portal. We ask that if you require care and haven’t done so already to create a portal account and enrol your children into our service. The link for the portal is below.

There is a step-by-step guide link below for creating a portal account and enrolling a child.


From School Council


8th May – Rosie Leane
13th May – Remy lane
14th May – Irena Purnell

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