Newsletter 24.05.2021

Issue 15


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December 2021
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From the Principal

Early this morning (Monday) students, teachers and a few brave parent volunteers from Yr. 5/6 departed for Canberra. It is great to have school camps back again after last year’s interruption. The 5/6 students will visit the attractions in Canberra and learn more about how Australia is governed. The 5/6 students will return to school Thursday afternoon/evening.

Our unicycles are back in action! Our unicycles have been serviced by Washington Cycles and are back in tip top condition. Students have been wrangling the cycles during PE and at break times. The persistence shown by children who fall off the unicycles dozens of times only to get back on again is wonderful. It is worth making a comparison with classroom learning. It takes much persistence and willingness to have another go to make learning work.

Michael Edwards

Assembly Helpers

Assembly helpers this week are:

Rose McKenzie-McHarg & Thomas Geary

Achievement Awards

Gabrielle Gargiulo for effectively applying new strategies in maths and demonstrating successful learning.
Jonah Leane for always demonstrating positive team-work skills and applying a strong effort to learning activities.
Holly Lerch for writing pieces with increasing complexity, yet maintaining clarity in her ideas.
Edward Boddenberg for working well to include more wow words when upleveling his writing.
Willow Anderson for using ‘thinking tracks’ to demonstrate an excellent understanding of the challenging book “: The Long Walk” by Kerry Greenwood.
Lenny Jones for working well with his science team to achieve a common goal.
Cameron McIntosh for supporting his school learning by undertaking his own research at home.  (Paper plane research!).
Zya Davis for showing resilience and quickly learning the routines of a new classroom.
Harlen Webster for excellent contributions to class discussions about questioning a text.
Hudson Street for getting started on classroom activities so quickly!  And a wonderful illustration from Chapter One of BFG!
Lucas Stagg for trying really hard to come up with ideas in class discussions and number talks.
Tom Murphy for trying hard to write independently during our ‘Cold’ write this week.
Milla Stagg for developing confidence in writing tasks.
Sonny Gorham for being a superstar shopkeeper during our money activities this week.
Sullivan Lucas for having a go at using money when playing shops this week in maths.
Jonathan Shepherd for trying hard to form his letters correctly during handwriting activities.
Elijah Leane for using improved letter formation and spaces between words when writing.
Zach Spargo for using some fantastic persuasive writing techniques.
Mietta Nocentini for her wonderful knowledge around all thinks ‘Australian Government’.
Rose McKenzie-McHarg for showing great skills in index notation and order of operations.
Niamh Stanyer for consistently working hard and applying herself in all learning areas and being a fantastic choir captain!
Mitch Waller for demonstrating excellent enthusiasm and creative problem solving when working on our order of operations challenge.
Zoe Riley for maintaining focus is maths and demonstrating her learning of index notation and BIDMAS.

Art News

Artwork of the Week
Some action shots of F/1R working with resident artist Kirsten Coates. Inspired by John Olsen's Sydney Sun painting, students are creating a Yackandandah Sun art work.

Hot Lunch News

Hot Lunch this week is Fried Rice.

Helpers this week are: Faith Deans, Nicola Carr-Davison & Bron Westbrook.

We desperately need another helper for this week – if you can assist please let Sandra know.

We also still need helpers for 4th June, 11th June and the 25th June.

Sports News

This Friday we have 28 students competing in the Upper Hume Division Cross Country at Willow Park, Wodonga.  We will be leaving school at 11.15am and returning at 3pm.  Students who have ordered hot lunch will be able to have that before they leave.

Program for the day is:

12.00     Official opening/marshalling commences

12.15     Race starting time beginning with 9 - 10 girls

Followed by…..

9-10 boys, 11 girls, 11 boys, 12 girls and 12 boys. The anticipated time between events is between 10- 12 minutes.

Year F/1/2 News

Students in Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 excitedly boarded the bus to drive to The Cube, Wodonga to attend the Magic Beach live performance on Monday 17th May.
Alison Lester's classic book came to life on stage in a wonderful world of text, song, light, shadow and movement.
It was an exciting day for all students, and thoroughly enjoyed.


Our Program
The children have been very creative the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing lots of clay creations, origami and plenty of water colour paintings. We love seeing the creative side to the children. We have been adding to our art display a lot the last few weeks, so please feel free to take a look at this children’s art when you are in next, we are all very proud of it!

We have been missing our wonderful friends Cassie and Nadiene who are on placement at the moment, the children have been excited to meet Finn and Fleur who are lovely new additions to our team, look out for them in OSHC and be sure to say hello!

We are starting to put together our holiday program, we can’t believe it’s time to do that again! As always suggestions are welcome and we will be asking the children for plenty of input.

Please remember bookings can be created and deleted for our care sessions via the iParent Portal. We ask that if you require care and haven’t done so already to create a portal account and enrol your children into our service. The link for the portal is below.

There is a step-by-step guide link below for creating a portal account and enrolling a child.

Please note that late cancellations must be made to the school or the OSHC coordinator via email and phone. Failure to do so will result in the session fee being charged, this is in accordance with our cancellation policy.



Open Day


22nd May – Ivy Edwards

23rd May – Ted Attwood

25th May – Bonnie McLeod

26th May – Bella Somerville

26th May – Niamh Stanyer

28th May – Oliver Boddenberg