Newsletter 15.06.2021

Issue 18


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December 2021
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From the Principal

As COVID restrictions are easing it is important to remember that some are still in place.
  • Parents are encouraged to stay out of the school building unless necessary.
  • Children must be kept at home if showing cold/flu symptoms or other illness.
  • Records must be kept if you do come into the school building– sign in the visitor book or use the QR code at the office with the Services Victoria app.
  • Practise social distancing and wear a mask where this is not possible

Assembly will continue to be held on Friday at 3:10 (weather permitting) – parents can attend but please observe social distancing practices.

As part of our maintenance routine we have our trees checked for health and safety. There will be some upcoming tree maintenance conducted, including pruning and dead wooding. It is likely that one or two of our established trees may need to be removed. This is a last resort action as we recognise the value of these trees. We are working with an arborist to determine what needs to be done.

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Book Club
Items from Issue 4 have been sent home with students today.

Pupil Free Day
The first day of Term 3, Monday 12th July is a pupil free day.  Staff will be undertaking first aid training on this day.  OSHC will be operating.

Enjoy your week

Assembly Helpers

Assembly helpers this week are:

Tess Griska & Lachie Korn

Achievement Awards

Saige Harmer for demonstrating terrific progress in her reading. Keep up the excellent effort!
Owen Overall for doing a terrific job of keeping track of the action during reading.
Aidan Wall for displaying excellent strategic decision making during Tee Ball games.
Ella Williamson for showing excellent progress with place value this term.
Jed Walker for showing progress in learning more letter names and sounds.
Felix Anderson for being more successful with using correct letter formations.
Maeve Van Duinen for thoughtfully participating in rich discussions during guided reading.
Sara Davison for displaying excellent work habits.
Jim MacCalman for showing excellent progress in learning more letter sounds.  Well done!
Lachie Korn for working incredibly hard in all areas to achieve his learning goals.
Harry Schmidt for creating awesome 3D shapes and naming their faces, edges, vertices and matching to their nets.
Sally Bayne for her outstanding Cold Write, full of wonderful persuasive devices, language and punctuation.
Tess Griska for recognising patterns and finding a formula to describe the relationship between features of polyhedrons.
Lucy Matheson-Jones for demonstrating fantastic collaboration and making insightful observations about complex polyhedrons.
Edi McInerney for making insightful observations about complex polyhedrons.
Freya Vorbach for always displaying care and kindness with everyone in 2K.
Lenny Graham for always displaying a high level of interest in class activities and continuing them at home also!
Olive MacCalman for being the lead learner in 2K, with investigating plural nouns this week!

Art News

Art work of the Week

Paintings of the Yackandandah Sun

By Ezzie Haslett, Ewan McInerney, Mim Martini & Tom Murphy F/1C

By Sara Davison, Neve Allan, Richie
Burston & Maeve Van Duinen F/1C        

By Felix Anderson, Kaia Allan, Ella Williamson & Molly Schultz F/1R 

By Renn Thompson, Nate Maybury, Grace Pritchard &, Evie Burston F/1R



Hot Lunch News

Hot Lunch this week is a BLT/Halloumi Roll.

Helpers this week are:
Louise Thornton, Jane Shepherd, Hima Whitley & Faith Deans.

Library News

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to run Library sessions with F/1/2’s, so Week 9 in the Library will be busy! After a few false starts, we’ll be finally starting a new unit of work, to link in with what Kirsten Coates is doing in the art room. In Library we will be using Jane Godwin’s new book Arno and his Horse, illustrated by Felicita Sala, to inspire abstract drawing in nature. This will culminate in artworks created on pages from old books, inspired by American artist Julie Wolfe.

We have already started this unit of work with 3/4A and the students are loving it! You can see some fantastic working drawings below by Viv O’Brien, Lily Schultz, Cameron McIntosh, Harriet Brinsdon and Lizzie Martini.

Overdue Books
With the countdown now on for end of term, now is the time to help your children chase up those overdue Library books please! That way we can ensure they have fresh reading material to take home and enjoy over the break.

New Books
A massive thank you to Carly Frank who has again donated a fabulous book for our school library. Finding Our Heart: A Story about the Uluru Statement for Young Australians by Thomas Mayor and Blak Douglas is a must-read picture book about understanding Australia’s past, so we can have a shared future.

Missing Books
It has come to my attention that we have a few missing books at the moment:

  1. A very new hardcover book Star Wars Alien Archive: A Guide to the Species of the Galaxy;
  2. The Bad Beginning: A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 1 by Lemony Snicket
  3. The Reptile Room: A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 2 by Lemony Snicket (possibly hardcover for both of these).

If have happen to see these at home, can you please send them to school with your child to give to their classroom teacher any day of the school week. Thanks in advance for your help.

Have great week of reading!

Sarah McAlister

Sports News

The Division Cross-Country has been postponed until the first week of Term 3. A date has not been set, but it will be before the first Friday, which is the date for the Winter Sports Carnival (July 16).

Students have put forward their preferences for the winter sport they would like to play. We will begin training for this event on Friday, with some teams, such as Soccer and T-Ball, heading down to the Sports Park to free up some space at school for the AFL, Netball, and Volleyball teams.  The soccer players can bring their own shin pads for training.

Cost for the Winter Sports Carnival is $10 and permission forms are being sent home today.  Please return the forms with payment by next Monday so we aren’t chasing them up the first week back.

Year 5/6 News

Year 5/6 Skiing Program

We are currently organising the skiing program for Year 5/6 students. 

The skiing dates are:

  • Friday 30th July – Cross Country Skiing
  • Friday 6th August – Down Hill Skiing
  • Friday 13th August – Down Hill Skiing

The backup days will be Friday 20th August & Friday 27th August.

The approximate cost for Cross Country skiing is $65 and Down Hill skiing $155 per day.  The costings will be calculated on the number of students who are participating.

An expression of interest has been sent home with students tonight. Please return the form by Friday to enable bookings etc. to be finalised before the end of term.

We will also require parent helpers on each day.  If you would like to assist please indicate on the form.  There is no charge to parents who attend as we cannot offer this program without your help.

Year 6 - 7 Transition


Our program
The children have been getting familiar with our indoor play spaces again as the weather slowly gets wetter and colder. When we can we are soaking up every bit of dry we can and our outside playing games. We have been exploring some new games on the oval the last few weeks and have also seen the return of some classics that educators used to play when they were younger! Although not all of them have been a hit with the tough new crowd.

Art fever has hit big lately, with water colour painting being a fan favourite for indoor time. We have seen some wonderful creations of late and are proud of the children for getting so creative.

Indoor games have also had a revamp, with new faces to our service bringing fantastic new ideas. The children have loved the change up to our games roster and we have enjoyed watching them being so engaged in indoor group activities.

We are still on the hunt for any natural resources you and your children may have lying around for our new sustainable art project. We are hoping to soon be using as much sustainable materials as we can on out art shelf. Please remember that you are welcome to drop off anything you may have in our OSHC space at any time.

Pupil free day Monday 12th July
Please note that the first Monday of term is a pupil free day and we will be operating under out pupil free day hours. 8am – 6pm. If you require care on this day please book via the portal.

Vacation Care
Vacation is right around the corner! We have been watching the news and checking for updates on restrictions around excursions. We have made the decision that these holidays will be a mostly school based program with excursions limited to the local area. We have put together another program that we think the children are going to love! Please remember to make your vacation care bookings via the portal or by contacting me via email.


From School Council

Hello Parents and Families,

School Council invites your feedback on future project ideas. Recently School Council has endorsed the implementation of the Dry Creek Bed Nature Based Inclusive Play Space Project.

The project will improve our educational outdoor environment by providing a high-quality, inclusive and accessible nature based sensory play space that supports the learning needs of every student.

The Dry Creek Bed Project and Basketball Court Resurfacing are examples of recent major projects; however projects may be small or large. We would like to invite your feedback on possible future projects to add to our register.
Ideas will be consolidated and then prioritised by students, staff and School Council for future fundraising efforts, however this will be a basis for ideas; no commitments are yet being made to future projects.

To set some parameters about your possible suggestions and feedback we are looking for projects that can enhance education possibilities for all students at YPS.

Thank you for making the time to submit a response,
YPS School Council.


12th June – Ned Westbrook

12th June – Emily Sheppard

13th June – Miles Thornton

16th June – Ezzie Haslett

18th June – Aidan Dent