Newsletter 26.07.2021

Issue 22


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December 2021
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From the Principal

Great work everyone with remote learning. We have not yet been informed about how long the remote learning will go on for, but the current stretch is scheduled to end on Tuesday evening. The numbers have been improving in Victoria so here’s hoping we get the go ahead to return to school on Wednesday. As soon as I hear a definite end date I will let you know.

Unfortunately, the Winter Sports Carnival has been cancelled. The combination of Covid and wet weather forced organisers to abandon the event this year.

This coming Friday is the first scheduled skiing day for Yr. 5/6. While this trip has not been postponed yet, it is quite likely to be rescheduled. Again, due to a mixture of Covid restrictions and poor weather. We will confirm this in the next day or two.

As I have previously shared our school will be undertaking its strategic review in a couple of weeks. During the review process parents will be invited to participate in focus groups to share their experiences and ideas. This will be on Monday 9th August. The exact time is yet to be determined, I will publish the time in next week’s newsletter. You are most welcome to participate in the focus group session and assist in the school’s review.

Once again, thank you and great work with remote learning. We appreciate your support!

Michael Edwards

From the Office

Family Statements
My apologies that the statements were not emailed out last week.  They have been emailed out to families today.  It would be appreciated if any outstanding fees for camp or excursions that your child has already attended be paid. 

The skiing charges have been added to the Year 5/6 statements in the hope that it goes ahead.  Skiing does not need to be paid until the skiing day.

Credit has been applied to family accounts for those families who had paid for the Winter Sports Carnival.  If there was an outstanding excursion cost for excursions already attended the credit was applied to that excursion.

If you do not wish to pay the Student Insurance cost, could you please let me know so as I can remove the charge.

Parent/Guardian Occupations
As part of our school funding is based on parent occupation codes and level of education it is important that this information is kept up to date. When school returns students will be taking home a form for parents to confirm or alter the information that we have on file.  The form will need to be returned to school by Tuesday 3rd August.

Enjoy your week

Art News

Art Excursions
The Art excursions planned with Kirsten Coates have been cancelled until we are back at school and can reschedule new permission forms, buses, excursion dates and support crew. We hope to have a week back at school to make sure they go ahead! Stay tuned!

Artwork of the week
Ink and watercolour landscapes and maps of Yackandandah by Year 5/6.

Zachary Spargo & Lachie Korn

Stella Brinsdon & Mia Nedziak

Amy Schilling & Irena Purnell

Hot Lunch News

If we are at school this Friday, our Hot Lunch will be a quiche from the bakery.

Helpers are Hima Whitley & Nicola Davison.

If skiing doesn’t go ahead, we will check with the bakery to see if it is possible for the Year 5/6 students to order.

We still need more helpers for this term.  If you can assist please let me know.  The roster is below.

Thanks Sandra.

Sports News

Regional Cross Country
The Regional Cross Country that was to be held last Friday was postponed.  Stay tuned for a new date for this event which may be held later in the year.

School Athletic Sports
We are hoping that the School Athletic Sports will be able to go ahead on the 25th of August. 

We are looking for empty bags/sacks suitable for sack races for the athletics carnival. These might be potato sacks, feed bags etc. We are looking for 5-10 to practise with at school. Please send any along.
Thanks, Brendan

2022 Enrolments

2022 Enrolments
If you have a child starting at school next year Enrolment packs can be collected from the school office. 

If you would like to book a school tour or have any questions please contact Michael or Sandra at school.


24th July – Violet MacCalman

25th July – Savannah Lockett

27th July – Cianna Leane

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