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December 2021
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From the Principal

Breaking News:

We are back to face to face learning tomorrow (10th August). Please remind your child to return any learning materials they have at home for remote learning. This may include dice, learning packs, computer, science equipment etc.

Thank you for your support during this most recent short lockdown. We look forward to seeing all the students on site tomorrow morning.

Congratulations to students and parents for once again switching gear and jumping into home learning mode. While we were all taken by surprise I am very proud of how quickly our teachers and students managed to snap back into the alternative routine we have built.

Occasionally I have heard people express concern that students will fall behind in their learning, despite the great work being done by the students and the teachers. I would like to reassure everyone that the children are still learning – and everyone is facing the same remote learning. I was listening to Professor John Hattie (educational researcher) last week who pointed out that recent studies have shown only a minimal change in typical learning outcomes in a couple of areas of the curriculum since the pandemic began. Researchers have been surprised by how much learning has continued throughout the last 18 months.

I think that children have also developed some independent skills quicker than they normally would have and this may assist them in the future. Don’t get me wrong, we certainly would prefer to have everyone at school all the time, but we can be assured that good learning is still happening and will continue to do so provided students continue to be engaged with the learning routines (whatever they may be).

Please remember to let your teacher know that you are ‘present’ for the day. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Participation in webex lessons/meetings
  • Posting on See-Saw or google classrooms
  • Email
  • Phone call

Your child will be marked absent if the teacher has no indication of engaging with the learning. As always, we understand that you may well be stretched in many different directions during home learning. Do your best and look after yourselves.

Hopefully we will see everyone back on site on Friday.

Michael Edwards


Hot Lunch News

Hot lunch this week is a meat pie/cauliflower pie.

Helpers are:

Sinead Mahoney – another helper is required.  If you can assist please let Sandra know.

Year 5/6 News

Skiing Update

The new lockdown means we will need to postpone next Friday’s ski trip (13th August).

So, the new dates for skiing are:

20th August (Day one downhill)

27th August (Day two downhill)

3rd September (Cross Country)

Clearly, the longer that this cycle of lockdowns and restrictions continues, the less likely that it is that any day can go ahead. While the requirement for a negative Covid test result within 72 hours of entry into Falls Creek exists, we won’t be holding these excursions. We also need to consider and work around restrictions set by the Department of Education & Training around excursions, parent involvement, joining other school groups, bus travel, etc. Plus we need suitable weather...

I am hoping that by next Friday, we will have a better idea about how restrictions are likely to be eased (or not).

The parents that I have pencilled in for the 20th are:

Jo Houston
Megs Salter
Matt Bayne
Fiona Hewson
Xavier Pinard
Matt Lane
Hugh M’Crystal
Colin Thornton

Please let me know if you are unavailable for this day so I can organise another parent.

Again, thanks for your efforts in getting gear organised and for showing understanding of the difficulties in getting these days off the ground.

Earle Mason
Ski Program Co-ordinator.

2022 Enrolments

If you have a child starting at school next year Enrolment packs can be collected from the school office.  If you would like to book a school tour or have any questions please contact Michael or Sandra at school.


9th August – Naisen James Hillier

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