Newsletter 30.08.2021

Issue 27



Yackandandah Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, learn and play and recognise the resilience, strength and pride of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We acknowledge the connection to land, waters and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging throughout Australia.

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From the Principal

Well done everyone on how you have been keeping up the learning during this remote learning period. Staff have been reporting strong attendance and engagement. Of course, we understand that you may not be able to be fully involved all the time and that you are juggling many things at home.

Today is the first day of our school review. This involves DET personnel, School Council (president), student focus groups and a few staff from our school discussing and reviewing performance and data over the last four years. It will be unusual due to taking place via video conference but we will make the best of it. The purpose of school reviews are to provide the school with advice regarding strategic planning for the next four year period.

We don’t know for sure yet if the lockdown and remote learning period will continue in regional Victoria, but it is looking highly possible. I know we are all tired of doing things this way, but I want to assure you that you are doing a great job. The children are still learning and we don’t have to worry about ‘falling behind’. If there is any learning that is lacking – it is lacking for everyone across the state(s), but indications are that there is very little loss of learning. Keep up the good work and look after yourselves!

Michael Edwards,

From the Office

On-site attendance form
A reminder that a new on-site attendance form is required each week for students attending school. 

Workers Permit
If you have filled out Table 1 on the workers permit we do not require a new one each week .  A new permit is only needed if you have filled out Table 2 on the permit.

Achievement Awards

Ruby Hewitt for demonstrating persistence to overcome the challenges of remote learning.
Archie Korn for taking an active role in our Webex lessons and being an organised learner.
Angus Glanville for showing leadership skills and setting a positive example in online learning this week.
Milla Stagg for a fantastic effort to use all home learning resources to complete tasks with your best effort.
Maeve Van Duinen for excellent procedure writing with both Anzac Biscuits and How to Draw Bluey this week.
Henry Wyatt for sensational efforts, especially with writing this week.
Grace Pritchard for keeping motivated to complete home learning tasks and with lots of success.  Good on you Grace!
Jonathan Shepherd for completing lots of home learning tasks with enthusiasm and posting them online.
Renn Thompson for completing his athletics events at home with his family!  What a champion!  Go Wellsford!
Jed Walker for practising his letter names and sounds at home and making excellent progress.
Lenny Graham for taking my feedback on board and completing an interesting and informative information report on the St Kilda football club.
Olive MacCalman for following my writing videos to the letter and completing a well written information report.
Sebastian Davison for continuing to offer interesting and relevant comments in our morning Webex meetings!
Oliver Paull for picking up the ins and outs of remote learning and using them to continue some great learning.
Niamh Stanyer for taking on board challenging Maths problems and being able to articulate her thinking.
Patrick Murray for his extraordinary commitment to his learning, particularly when working on high-level maths challenges.
Phia Smith-Deans for making insightful and thoughtful contributions during class Webex meets. You’re flourishing, Phia!
Nicholas Shepherd for being a very active home learner and sharing his great work on Seesaw. You’re nifty, Nicholas!
Zya Davis for seeking help with her home learning and persisting with tasks. Keep up the zest, Zya!
Ruby O’Dwyer for her excellent cross section of the Earth’s layers.
Zach Spargo for his wonderful feedback to his peers when doing breakdown buddies and engaging so well in home learning.
Amy Schilling for her excellent use of pitchforks and ba-da-bings in her Big Write.


Art News

A reminder for Year 2 students:
When you have added some more lines and details to your foam printing plate, please bring it back to school by the end of this week, so I can take them over to Kirsten's art studio for their second print run. Make sure your first print is still firmly attached to your foam plate.

A reminder for Year 5/6 students:
When you have finished scratching into your etching plate or adding some more carved lines into your lino, please bring everything back to school by the end of this week, so I can take them over to Kirsten's art studio for printing. Make sure your name is still written clearly on the masking tape for the etching plates or in texta on the back of your lino. Please return any equipment borrowed back to the art room.

I can't wait to see all your amazing prints! Thanks Caz.

Artwork of the week
Master printmakers at work in the Art room a few weeks ago! The Year 5/6 linocut prints are looking amazing and will be printed onto fabric by Kirsten while we are in remote learning. It is exciting to know that art making at a very high level is still happening at Yackandandah Primary School, despite the lockdown set back! We are so very proud of all our talented young artists!!

Mandy & Caz

Library News

With lockdown and remote learning continuing, be sure to get in touch with me this week to request books for your children. We have an excellent selection of picture books, junior fiction, non-fiction- with new books being added all the time. We are so lucky to have such a fabulous free resource. You can contact me here anytime:  I’ll then let you know when they are ready for collection from the school foyer.

Please remember to bring with you any read or overdue books when collecting new books. There is a box in the foyer for returns.

Book Week 2021
This year’s theme is: Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.  Save the date: Friday 15 October will be our YPS Book Week Dress-up Day! In the lead up, we’ve got a week of exciting activities planned for the students. We can’t wait to share for more information with you closer to the date. In the meantime- get thinking about and planning those costumes!

Overdue & Missing Books
With everyone at home- now is a great time to help your children find any overdue Library books please! Any books being returned to school can be left in the clearly marked box in the foyer.

In particular, we are still missing a few books from the library that may not have been scanned before being taken home:

  1. Not Cute by Philip Bunting (hardcover picture book)

     2. The Unwilling Twin by Freya Blackwood (hardcover picture book)
     3. The Star Wars Alien Archive (large hardcover book)

Please take care of yourself and each other- and remember: Stay calm and read a book!

Sarah McAlister

From School Council

School Council Report - August 2021

Project Priorities
A huge thanks to everyone who replied to our project priorities survey. We received some great ideas which have been added to the overall list. The Teaching Staff are now reviewing the list and prioritising the projects.  We will then seek student school council feedback on the priorities of students. 

Having a clear list of priorities will enable school council to allocate amounts raised through future fundraising and apply for any grant opportunities as they arise. Thanks again!

Road Safety
You may recall another survey we sent out last year on Road Safety. We met with Indigo Shire Council who forwarded our feedback onto VicRoads. We have now received a formal response from Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) as follows:

“RRV is currently working with Council to investigate safety improvements for the Yackandandah Primary School crossing to facilitate safer travel for the community, in particular the school and rail trail users. These investigations include improvements to the existing school crossing as well as a review of the speed limit in this environment which encompasses the shopping strip and the school.”

Dry Creek Bed Project
We have been very busy preparing to construct the Dry Creek Bed Inclusive Play Space. COVID permitting we plan to commence the last week of Term 3. We had hoped to be finished within 4-5 weeks, however this will entirely depend on lockdown restrictions! Rest assured it will be ready for our students to enjoy in 2022!

Over the coming weeks we will be providing a spotlight on our Project Sponsors and some other contributors to this project.  We start this week with Tamara May Murray. Please take the time to thank and acknowledge them – we are extremely grateful for their involvement in the project.  

We plan to hold up to three working bees for this project– we will advertise these closer to the time depending on COVID restrictions.

If you’d like to re-familiarise yourself with the project – jump onto the school webpage.


Jane Dowsley on behalf of Yackandandah Primary School Council

School Councilors – Michael Walsh, Beth Boddenberg, Orrin Pritchard, Carly Frank, Robyn Wilson, Kate Stagg, Faith Deans, Jane Shepherd, Leigh Attwood, Michael Edwards and Jane Dowsley.

Dry Creek Bed Project - Tamara May Murray

As part of the school’s Dry Creek Bed Project, School Council, on behalf of the whole school community, have commissioned aboriginal artist Tamara May Murray to paint a feature for the playground. She has listened to stories from our students about their connection to Yackandandah for inspiration.

Tamara has also painted a piece of art for the school foyer. This piece is called “Make ya own tracks” and will be installed in the foyer soon, along with an Acknoweldgement of Country. 

Make ya own tracks

Tamara May Murray was born and raised in the small town of Coomealla on the Namatjira Mission. Tamara is a proud member of the Barkindtji tribe (Coomealla, Lake Victoria and the Mungo) and the Yorta Yorta and Dhudaroah tribes (Shepparton).

“I wasn’t introduced to art, art found me. In every object I would pick up, or any type of material I would hold, I would find a way to turn it into something creative. I feel art is a part of me.”

Tamara first started painting when she was three years old and it was evident to family that she had a natural gift. Through her gift she has an opportunity to share culture, to educate, to pass on stories – to ensure the oldest culture on this earth is not forgotten.

“I want my art to help break down barriers between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. I hope I can help educate and contribute to a more peaceful world where our children can all walk as one, hand in hand, no matter their skin colour or cultural identity.”


1st September – Ed Boddenberg

1st September – Edith McInerney

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