School Council

Yackandandah Primary School is well served by its School Council. We have eight parent, two staff and one principal members on School Council. The council meets monthly during term times with additional committee meetings, also monthly. The committees that currently operate are the Finance Committee, Policy and Communications Committee and the Kindergarten Management Committee. The Committees meet on the second Monday of the month and School Council meets on the fourth Monday of each month. Most meetings are open to school community members.


Our current school councilors are:

Phil Edwardes (President – Parent Rep)
Richard Stamp (Vice President – Parent Rep)
Dave McAuliffe (Treasurer – Parent Rep)
Donna Jones (Parent Rep)
Elle Walker (Parent Rep)
Reg Jackson (Parent Rep)
Edwina Farley (Parent Rep)
Jodie McClellan (Parent Rep)
Michael Edwards (Principal)
Earle Mason (Secretary and Staff Rep)
Judy Prlic (Staff Rep)