School Council

The Yackandandah Primary School Council meets monthly on the third Monday of the month.   Meetings are open to school community members.


Our current school councilors are:


Leigh Attwood Parent Representative
Hannah Glanville Parent Representative
Jane Dowsley Parent Representative - President 
Micahel Edwards  DET Representative - Principal
Carly Frank  DET Representative 
Orrin Prichard Parent Representative - Vice President
Jane Shepherd Parent Representative
Kate Stagg  Parent Representative
Michael Walsh Parent Representative -Treasurer
Robyn Wilson DET Representative - Secretary


Finance Sub-Committee meetings are also held monthly on the third Monday of the month (prior to the School Council meeting). 

  • Finance Sub-Committee
    • Michael Walsh - Treasurer
    • Jane Dowsley - President
    • Michael Edwards - Principal
    • Sandra McKibbin - Business Manager
    • Carly Frank - DET Representative
    • Jane Shepherd - Parent Representative

In addition, school council runs the following sub-committees, with meetings held as required:

  • Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) Sub-Committee
    • Michael Edwards
    • Jane Shepherd
    • Felicity Baker (OSHC Coordinator)
  • Policy Sub-Committee
    • Michael Edwards
    • Carly Frank

In addition, school council has representation on the following committeees:

  • Health and Wellbeing Sub-Committee School Council Representaive - Leigh Attwood
  • Kindergarten Committee of Management School Council Representatives – Michael Edwards & Kate Stagg.

Powers and duties of the School Council include –

- Formulation of the School Strategic Plan

- Developing the education policy of the school, consistent with school goals and Department of
- Education guidelines
- Promoting parent and community participation and interest in the school
- Conducting educational activities for the benefit of the community
- Allowing use, by outside bodies, of the school building and grounds under its control
- Annual reporting to the school community
- Holding property on behalf of the Minister
- Purchasing equipment for the school
- Forming sub-committees
- Responsibility for the financial arrangements within the school
- Overseeing maintenance on buildings and grounds.
- Financial management of Outside School Hours Care.
- Financial management of Yackandandah Kindergarten.