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Michael EdwardsWelcome to Yackandandah Primary School. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the local community. Yackandandah is a small town with a rich history and our school has been a part of that history since the mid 1800’s. We aim for a family oriented atmosphere where comfortable relationships are developed between students, families and staff that last for many years.


At Yackandandah Primary School we value our history and traditions and embrace the future. This is embodied in the physical structures and the way learning happens. Our school has maintained its historical façade and adjoining rooms while renovating the rest of the school structure to provide for more 21st century learning experiences.


Students at Yackandandah Primary School will have the advantage of highly professional teachers who adapt the learning experiences to suit the children they are currently teaching. It is too easy to commit to particular styles or philosophies of learning before having an understanding of the students you will be teaching. One size does not fit all and the teaching and learning at Yackandandah Primary school reflects that.


We are a school that has a high rate of parent participation in different forms. Parents are very active in fundraising events such as

the famous Yackandandah Folk Festival; active in supporting a hot lunch for students, prepared on site each Friday; active in the governance and upkeep of the school facilities; active in supporting learning and active in being the interface between the school and the Yackandandah Community. We value family participation and the greater sense of community spirit that it brings.


I invite you to contact us at the school and arrange a tour.


Michael Edwards


Our Team


Principal - Michael Edwards
Office Manager - Sandra McKibbin
School Council President - Matt Flower
Kindergarten Educational Leader - Marisel Blefari


Staff – 2024


Foundation/One– Kelli Bedggood
Foundation/One– Carly Frank

One/Two - Hanna Kiely

One/Two Ainsley Jones
Three/Four – Angie Vincent
Three/Four – Robyn McClennan

Five/Six – Lauren Roberts
Five/Six – Brendan Hogan

Five/Siz - Liz Lade
Art – Carolyn Martin-Doyle & Mandy Labram
LOTE – French – Mandy Labram
Music – Miriam Briggs

Education Support - Shireen Porteous

Education Support - Rikki Treptow

OSHC Co-ordinator – Kerryn Wright
Yackandandah Kindergarten Admin – Jennie McKern

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